A Positive Attitude

1. We should try to do these things better 1-7
2. In business, we could try to. 8-10
3. Personal magnetism 11

We are what we think we are 11-13
5. Time Saving Tips 13-14
6. Confidence building 15-17
7. Words to forget & to remember 16
8. Dressing for success 17-18

How to think creatively 19-20
10. Remaining interesting and informed in business 21
11. Eight things we all want and need 22

Positive & negative emotions 23
13. 6 things people fear most 23
14. If you must be angry 24
15. Winning qualities 25
.FRIENDSHIP IS NOT FREE; IT MUST BE EARNED!.We should try to do these things better:

Encourage others to talk about themselves.
2. Talk in the interest ranges of the things that people treasure most when talking to them.

Talk to people about themselves and recognize their importance.
4. Respect other people's good judgment and avoid arguments.

5. Never tell anyone they are wrong, we all will rationalize to the point of thinking we are unequivocally right.
6. We should criticize ourselves before other people have a chance to; if you are wrong, admit it!
7. Tread softly, you will go farther.

8. We should try to let our friends feel as though they have excelled us at some time or another.
9. Let others do a great deal more of the talking.

Figure out why others think as they do; look at it from their viewpoint.
11. Show compassion to others (this is yearned for).

12. Treat people with respect, dignity, honesty, truth- fulness and willingness; they will generally emulate those feelings.
13. Challenge others to do something better, never force them.

14. Call attention to mistakes indirectly (don't broadcast).
15. Make difficulties seem easy to conquer.

16. Praise minutest improvements; and inspire hidden treasures in others.

Be friendly.
18. Force yourself to smile! (you will.)
19. Consider other's good points.

20. Make others want to follow your suggestions.

Always appreciate people's time.
22. Be interested in everyone you meet.

23. Always remember, good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.
24. Remember names; a person's name is truly the most treasured phrase to that person's ears. Use the I.R.

A principles to help remember name:
25. Try saying this three (3) times, "Act enthusiastic and you'll be enthusiastic", it works.

Perfect yourself first, then worry about everyone else.IMPRESSION REPETITION ASSOCIATION
(What do they look like) (Repeat their names 5 times) (what do they do)
27. Try to exercise a little sympathy, tolerance and kindness; it goes a lot further than a short fuse.
28. Learn the difference between appreciation and flattery; one is from the heart, the other is from the teeth.

Accept the fact that everyone is superior to you in one way or another, and learn from that trait.
30. When not engaged in some definite problem-solving, most people think of themselves 95% of the time. If we could cut it to 50%, the results would be dramatic.

31. Why should people be interested in you and me, unless we are first interested in them?
32. We are all interested in what we want; be a little different, be interested in what the other person wants and needs (get the other person's point of view and see things from his angle as well as your own.

(Be interested in helping others, not only yourself.)
33. Try to do things without ulterior motives.

34. If we do things that require time, energy, unselfishness and thoughtfulness, we will make many friends.
35. The ability to listen is rarer than almost any other trait. (Listen and learn.)

This is an old one- "do unto others as you would have them do unto you; we all know who wrote that one.
37. Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

38. When dealing with people, use little phrases like, "I'm sorry to trouble you", "would you be so kind as to", "Won't you please", "Would you mind", "Thank you", they are the hallmark of good breeding.
39. Be wiser than other people if you can, but not tell them so.

In business, we could try to:
1. Be professional, follow procedures, don't be lazy.

Improve communication skills. (Keep people informed).
3. Avoid procrastinating. (Maintain control and be effective. Plan and carry-out tasks.

4. Improve delegating skills. (give authority and responsibility to others.)
5. Maintain orderly forms, applications, desks and files.

Have a sense of humor, not too much.
7. Emphasize long-range relationships.
8. Have wide ranges of conversation; don't be narrow-minded.

9. Be able to absorb criticism objectively and constructively.

Be on time for all appointments; give honest reasons for being late.
11. Always express appreciation for the time of the people you deal with.

12. Improve reasoning abilities.
13. Increase self-reliance, enthusiasm, initiative, self-control, charm, thinking, concentration of effort.

Master persistence, will power, ambition, and memory.
15. Always act with a definiteness of purpose.
16. Think positive on our jobs, this determines how our subordinates think toward their jobs-set the example.

Personal Magnetism:
1. The hand-shake
2. Tone of voice
3. Posture and carriage of the body.
4. Vibrations of thought (idea conveyance).

5. Body adornment.We are what we think we are:
1. Others see, in us what we think of ourselves.

2. How you think determines how you act and how others react to you.
3. Look important, it helps you think important.

Dress right, it always pays
5. The sharper you look, the sharper you will be. (A pencil, when sharpened, has a clear defined point and writing is easily read, but a dull pencil is just that, (Dull)
6. Pay twice as much and get half as many; example, 2 fine suits are much nicer, last longer, and look better than 4 cheap ones.
7. If you think of yourself in poor situations, that is what you will get.

8. Think of yourself as sharp, clean, together, intelligent, informed, and interesting, and that is what you will be.
9. I'm short: Practice uplifting self-praise, not belittling self-punishment, think more of your self, and there is more of you.

Be self improving in academics, family and friends. Make progress in changing bad habits, eliminating negativism, and wasting time. What you spend the most time on is, "what and who you are going to be".Time Saving Tips
Be aware of time thieves around you:

Lack of motivation
2. Mistakes-my own
3. Failure to listen
4. Mistakes of others

6. Poor planning
7. Lack of self-discipline

Unclear goals
9. Conflicting priorities
10. Procrastination
11. Lack of delegation
12. Poor communication
13. Unwillingness to say no

Lack of procedure
15. Cluttered workspace
16. Equipment failure
17. Interruptions
18. Meetings
19. Waiting for answers

21. Shifting priorities
22. Unreal time estimates
23. Over-involvement with details
24. Junk mail

Red tape
26. Low company morale
27. Peer demands
28. Civic activities
29. Over-sleeping
30. Negative attitudes.

Confidence Building:
1. Confidence is acquired.

Preparation develops it.
3. Action cures fear. Fear is indecision and postponement.A. Dealing with fear:
1) Identify it.

2) Admit it.
3) Accept it.
4) Deal with it accordingly.
(Confront and take action/ or cure.).

B. Recognize fear as constructive and positive, it was given for your own protection and your own good.
4. Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory.
5. Withdraw only positive thoughts from your memory:.

Words to Forget
I can't
I'll try
I, me, my
I have to
Should have
Could have
If only
Yes, but
Hate.Words to Remember
I can
I will
You, your
I want to
Will do
My goal
Next time
I understand
Love.6. Avoid doing anything that makes you ask your self, Will I get caught?

In order to think confidently, you must act confident.
8. Don't be afraid to:
A. Sit up front when possible.

B. Make eye contact.
C. Walk 25% faster than average people. (Act with a purpose.)

Speak up when you have something to say.
E. Smile big.

Dressing for success characteristics include:
1. Looking the part - the appropriate attire for the event.
2. Good grooming- be clean and fresh, hair brushed, clean shaven, don't sweat, have clean nails, and no gum, check zippers and buttons, shoes are polished.

Good posture - sit up straight, don't slouch, be pleasant, alert and interested.
4 Know what you are going to say;
5. Be confident and tactful; don't show nervousness or uneasiness.
6. Be mature, courteous; don't condemn or be negative.

Look them in the eyes and be decisive.How to think creatively:
1. Find new ways of doing things.

2. Believe it can be done and you'll find a way; nothing is impossible.
3. Welcome new ideas; be receptive.

Soak up good ideas.
5. Ask yourself "How can I do it better?
6. Your mind has an endless memory capacity, use it!

Do what you do better, and do more of what you do.
8. If you want something done, give it to a busy man or women; these people do things decisively and quickly (they don't have time not to).
9. Encourage others to talk, this way, you receive new information.

10. Test your ideas by saying "What will make this work?
11. Listen, concentrate, and emulate what other people are saying.
12. Expose yourself to ideas of intelligent others.

Don't let ideas escape, write them down.
14. Present your ideas in writing, they have more power.

Mix with people of different occupational and social interest. 16. Do it!.In business, if we are to remain interesting and informed, we should:

Regularly read a good business newspaper (select only pertinent articles, save time).
2. Read at least one business magazine per week.

3. Read trade association magazines and good books in the field of your interest. Make full use of the data obtained.
4. Try to read six inspirational and self-improvement books per year.

5. Talk to other business people as much as possible.
6. Listen to business people as much as possible.
7. Observe and keep current on business procedures and conditions.

Eight (8) things we all want and need:
1. Health and the preservation of life.
2. Food.

4. Life in the hereafter.
5. The well-being of our children.

Money and things money will buy
7. A feeling of importance and appreciation.

Sexual gratification.Positive Avoid
Emotions | Negative Emotions
1. Desire | 1. Fear

Faith | 2. Jealousy
3. Love | 3. Hatred

Enthusiasm | 4. Revenge
5. Romance | 5.

6. Hope | 6. Anger.

The six (6) things people fear most:
1. Poverty
2. Criticism
3. Poor health
4. Loss of love of someone

Old age
6. Death.Recognizing these facts may help us to understand human nature and give reasons for what we ultimately do in our lives.If you must be angry, then first:
Be angry:

with the right person
2. to the right degree
3. at the right time
4. for the right purpose

in the right way.Remember, we are all creatures of emotion. First, ask yourself why they did what they did.1.

Forgiveness takes away guilt.
2. Forgetting takes away the obsession

When we think of our own need for forgiveness, it becomes easy to forgive others.These Qualities considerably increase your odds of winning:
Positive attitudes
Hard work
Giving oneself to others.With a little self-confidence, success minded motivation, a little creativity, a winner's attitude, some effective communication and positive thinking, properly organized; we can make order and clarity out of any chaotic set of circumstances.You might ask " Why has this guy, Dan, assembled this piece of literature and given it to me? It's very simple-I thought you might like to read it! If I can give something to someone that may help them enjoy life a little bit more, why shouldn't I? If we all could give a little more than we take, we all would reap the rewards and be much better off.

.A POSITIVE ATTITUDE.(c) Copyright 2006 ? http://www.magicbullets.

com ? you may replicate this program in its entirety, post it to the web, reproduce it for instruction and send it to friends and family.Send this to your friends and family, you may just change someone's life today! God Bless. Dan.

By: Daniel Auito

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