Abandoned Businesses and Small Town Advantage Programs

Many small towns in America have been devastated economically due to shifting resources and closing factories. Even more downtown areas and shopping districts have been victims of well-marketed box store concepts.When you travel thru America you often see boarded up businesses and people who have lost everything when their business failed.

But there is an advantage that can be had for the remaining businesses and a way to re-vitalize these old downtown districts and bring people back.Using these downtown areas as destination points, places to meet and where people can walk around, talk and socialize. You might be amazed to see some of the wonderful work being done across America in downtown re-vitalization.

There are many downtown revitalization projects, which were once plighted areas and now have outside capital flowing in, along with tourist dollars and sales tax revenues to support the upgraded city services to prevent a repeat. Here are some which maybe of interest to you;.http://worldthinktank.net/wttbbs/index.php?s=b9e747893a8d03c3a96db606bc2bee8d&showforum=19.

Any city which really wants too and will commit to a forward looking long-term downtown revitalization project and will study the successes and plans of what other cities have done can achieve something that their community will be proud of. I hope if you are in a leadership position in your city you will listen to what I have said here. Please consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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