Abatement and Conquering the Problems in New Orleans

Well here we are in the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season and it seems like just yesterday we were fighting the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season with huge hurricane such as hurricane Rita, hurricane Wilma and the infamous hurricane Katrina.The Gulf Coast was left in shambles and we all know what happened in the city of New Orleans. The levees broke and filled it up like a soup bowl.

The Army Corps of engineers did a heroic job of removing all the water in less than a month, but all that water was polluted with debris, sewage and chemicals.Lake Ponchartrain will take time to heal, however Mother Nature seems to have a knack about these things. Now the bigger problem and that is the abatement of the mosquitoes, which have laid their larva in the remaining water, which is brackish and highly polluted with God knows what.One biologist called it an eco-disaster and some politicians are starting to call the city of New Orleans a Superfund site. Meanwhile all the lawyers or winding up to sue property owners for the mold that is in all the buildings.Imagine if you will thousands of swimming pools filled with dirty polluted water and two-inches of scum on top.

Well, even if you cannot imagine that the mosquitoes can and they are in heaven and causing humans hell. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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