Abatement When Compulsory Often Saves Property

During the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season we saw a late storm; Hurricane Wilma; the governor of the great state of Florida Jeb Bush told citizens in the region where the hurricane would hit that mandatory evacuation was necessary. However, some people decided to stay and then they were very sorry.When mandatory evacuation is compulsory people should listen and follow the advice of authorities and get out of Dodge. When people do not listen because more headaches, increased risk to themselves and their families or hamper rescue efforts and first responders by taking up valuable tine and resources that need to be allotted to more serious matters.

There are a lot of similarities as to ride and throughout regions of the United States of America face fire season each year. There are always mandatory abatement issues that need to be addressed. Cities and county fire departments will often hire a contractor to come in and do the removal of dried brush and weeds if the homeowner or property owner fails to clear the brush prior to the deadline date.In both cases; hurricanes when compulsory and mandatory evacuation are issued and in cases of wildfire season and abatement requirements; these are put in place for a reason and citizens should follow these directions to prevent loss of property or loss of life.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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