Are You Frustrated Because You Have Been Stuck Here Is How To Get Moving

Because we are human beings, from time to time we will get "stuck." Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting stuck.and staying there indefinately is certainly less than useful.A client, who was "stuck," asked me yesterday, "What do I do next?".My response was simply, "That is an intelligent question, and perhaps what you might do next could be something different than what you have been doing.

even if that something different is simply a new twist on what you have been doing.a slight alteration.".Behavior is quite interesting, as are the results produced by our behaviors.

Alter your behavior and you quite simply can and will alter your results. Period.Then you calibrate.pay attention to your results and see how they match up to your desired outcomes. Then go at it again, so to speak. Take note of your results, all around.

Calibrate, calibrate, and then continue calibrating.Now, all this requires flexibility. The person with the highest degree of flexibility will demonstrate qualities and results that many people say they desire. And many of these same people will fight to keep their beliefs and behaviors the same. They will fight to keep external influences the same.

Perhaps not consciously. Be Curious And Experiment.Vary your behaviors, your thinking, your patterns. Your brain needs to be exercised, and not only that, it needs to experience variety and novelty. Doing what you do in the same way, day after day, is unhealthy behavior.

Do something different in the exercise of your daily behaviors.What Do Shoes and Pizza Have To Do With Improving Your Life?.Do you nomally put your right shoe on first? Then, next time, put your left one on first. I know one couple who for many, many years had pizza every Friday night they were home, almost without exception.

Now, that is a pattern! When you exercise your body, to get effective results, you need to vary what you do to continue to "shock" your body, or you will not get the results that are there for you to get.Experiment with being flexible! And do so with great curiousity.Challenge and surprise your brain by doing something different and you will likely be pleasantly surprised with the results.Thomas Edison was one of the most flexible people who ever lived on this planet.

Consider what he produced over his lifetime and see the possibilities when you are willing to be flexible. When Edison got "stuck," he would do something different, like taking a nap and giving his unconscious mind time to work on the solution.I have clients who come to me complaining about a certain aspect of their life. They are perhaps in pain.

Relationship pain, financial pain, emotional pain, career pain or even physical pain. And they tell me they want relief, and they want it quick! Then they go about fighting to keep their patterns. They fight for what is in their belief system. I might ask them to "try on" a different belief or behavior, after all what do they have to lose? They can always go back to what they were holding onto.

Yet, they try in vain to convince me, or perhaps themselves, that the step I am asking them to take is too hard, or too simple, or.whatever. And they try to go back to what is familiar to them.Getting Your Conscious Mind Out Of The Way.So, I just tell them that they can do whatever they want and just let their unconscious mind take what I am offering and use it to their benefit, and they do not even have to be aware consciously of the change they bring about. I am fine with that, in fact, I prefer that.

It is the conscious mind that gets in the way of the unconscious mind doing what it does brilliantly anyway.coming up with solutions! The conscious mind was never designed for that. You see, it does not matter to me that I do not consciously know "how" I am going to create an outcome for myself. I just inform my unconscious of the outcome I desire and let it plot the course, letting me know consciously only what is useful in the moment.Now, when it lets me know what might be useful, my job is to be flexible and give it a go!.

I trust this coaching letter has been of use to you. Why not give me a call, or drop me an e-mail and let me know what is on your mind. Let me know how your experiments are going.Alan Allard, M.


.Free Special Report: "Accelerated Personal Change: 6 Ways To Move Forward Fast" is available by request. Contact information is available on Alan's website at: http://www.

geniusdynamics.com where you can sign up for his free Coaching Letter and send Alan an e-mail with your request. Alan is a Life Coach with 20 years of exprience in human behavior change and performance improvement.

By: Alan Allard

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