Are You the Father Paternity Test When You Suspect Infidelity

Every time a female infidelity is known, is very common that suspicions from her partner arises regarding the paternity of their children.Even though kids are not babies anymore, the knowledge of a new affair can always be a warning sign of previous unfaithful activities. At the end, if she betrayed your trust and confidence now, easily could have done it before.When you believe that your spouse or partner could have cheated on you before, paternity concerns start roaming your head, especially if there is no chance of saving your marriage and divorce is on the horizon.DNA Paternity tests are gaining popularity as they have become available to everybody and their prices are really affordable; however, if you decide that you should perform a Paternit test, there are two kinds of DNA paternity tests to consider, and you should be aware of their use before hiring the service.The standard DNA paternity test is a cheaper and easier test intended to get results for your own private knowledge, mainly as a first result to go into a deeper research or to reach peace of mind immediately.

As this test does not need a qualified sample taking, can be done discretely for your own knowledge.By the other hand, the legal DNA paternity test is intended to be used in a court of law; therefore a strict methodology has to be followed to take the samples.To use the legal paternity test, a laboratory member of the AABB Parentage Testing Accreditation Program, has to be used.This accreditation is based mainly on the standards followed to perform the tests ensuring that the samples are taken properly and giving them the legal background required to be used in court.A good strategy, if affordable, could be perform a standard DNA paternity test discretely to clear or confirm suspicions, and according to the results obtained, if needed, a legal Paternity test can be done later, if results confirm that you are not the father.

Regarding your Relationship, remember than asking for a DNA paternity test, most of the time, will unleash a war within your marriage, regardless the outcome obtained.Be fully aware that if you manage to save your marriage and the test confirms that you are the father, she will resent that you did not trust her. Also, if you decide to end with your marriage, a paternity test will always make the relation more difficult than ever, which is not good for the breake up arrangements.

Remember to use the DNA paternity test for your benefit, not against you in any way, therefore, a very good approach would be perform a standard test for your eyes only and further or legal testing could be done later if things reach that point or the test is really necessary for legal procedures.

.Dr. Laurent Mikhail is a communication professional who has helped several couples to understand each other after a cheating problem.

You can find further information about cheating in his site http://www.catch-cheating.com.

By: Laurent Mikhail

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