Being Productive Dealing with Stress Anxiety and Overwhelm

What?.Learn to stop?when you think you should go! It is very counterintuitive for most people to do this. However, when you learn to do this, your productivity (and life) will improve.So What?.People often like to brag about how busy they are and how much they have going on.

However, if you consistently feel overwhelmed, here's what is really going on:.

  • You are setting unrealistic time frames for what you are trying to do.
  • You are procrastinating too long.
  • You are spending too much time working on things that do not matter.
  • You are over-promising what you can do for someone.
  • You do not have the profound knowledge needed to do the task.

  • You do not know when and how to say "No."
.The list can go on and on, but here's the point.

All of these reasons have two things in common. Feeling overwhelmed is the result of faulty thinking and making some bad choices in the past. The solution is stunningly simple. Change your thinking and begin making better choices right now?today?this minute.

Quit making choices that lead you down the path to being stressed-out, anxious and overwhelmed. The typical response to anxiety is action. Action drives out thought.

Doing something without thinking about it creates anxiety?and the cycle continues.Now What?.The job of a problem is to get your attention. Being overwhelmed is a problem. Therefore, being frequently overwhelmed should be a sign that you are doing something wrong. Look around.

There are people doing what you do without being overwhelmed. There are people doing much more than you are doing without being overwhelmed. The workload isn't the real problem?it's how you approach your work that is the problem.

When you encounter a problem, stop and ask yourself, "What's the real problem? How can I make it go away?".

.Chris Crouch, president and founder of DME Training and Consulting, is the developer of the GO System. The GO System is a structured training course designed to improve focus, organization and productivity in the workplace and is taught by corporate trainers and professional organizers all over the country.

Chris is also author of Getting Organized: Learning How to Focus, Organize and Prioritize and other books that provide practical and easy-to-learn ideas on personal achievement, success and productivity.Visit http://www.thegosystem.com to learn more about the GO System, to inquire about having Chris speak to your group or organization, to sign up for Chris' free newsletter providing tips on having a more joyful and productive life, and for additional ideas on improving focus, organization and productive.To learn about becoming a Certified GO System Trainer, visit http://www.gosystemcertification.


By: Chris Crouch

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