ClipOn Hair Extensions

If you've got short hair and you want instantly long hair but your hair doesn't grow fast I know that feeling well have you ever considered hair extensions. You're proberly thinking, oh no I can't afford hair extensions then you're wrong. Have you heard of clip on hair extensions? Clip on hair extensions are becoming more and more popular especially with young adults who can't afford to have hair extensions weaved, glued or bonded in. Clip on hair extensions are an affordable option in which they can do themselves at anytime they want, they are easy to put in and take out. We all like to change the way we look and clip on hair extensions allow us to do this, from short hair to long hair or from brown hair to having blonde highlights in.

If you're thinking about permanent hair extensions but not sure how they will look why not give clip on hair extensions a go first at least you will an idea on how your hair will look and if you like the look. Clip on extensions are clipped onto your natural hair using metal clips like barrettes. They are usually small sections of hair so you will need more than one clip on at least 4 so you can spread them around your head.

You want your hair extensions to look natural and part of your hair. Hair extensions not only can lengthen your hair but also add body and volume to your natural hair. Hair extensions can be styled just the same as your natural hair. Clip on hair extensions come in either synthetic or natural. The synthetic of course will be cheaper, if you look after them like you do your natural hair they should last a good couple of months, they will last longer if you don't use them everyday.

There is some clip on hair extensions that are already styled for example styled as a sleek ponytail or a bun. These have been available for many years and usually found in department stores and beauty supply stores. These clip on hair extensions are usually made up of synethic hair which are cheap to buy but don't last very long. The advantages of clip on hair extensions are that they don't damage your hair like some permanent hair extensions do with the gluing and weaving affect, you can choose when you want them in and when you want them out, low cost and you can get them to match your own hair colour. If you want longer hair for a party or just can't wait for your hair to grow then clip on hair extensions are the way to go, they're affordable and look natural if you get the right colour to match your hair. They is a variety of different colours available in both synthetic and natural clip on hair extensions, you just need to make sure you get the right colour for you, if you do no one will know the hair isn't yours, unless you tell them of course! If your worried about putting the clip on hair extensions in yourself why not ask a hairdresser or professional to do them for you or at least show you how to put them in with some help.

Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of Inanch Hair Design who specialise in Hair Extensions.

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