Create your Destiny Mind Power

'AHAM BRAHMASMI' (Sanskrit phrase which means ' I am god myself ).This is the ultimate state of Hindu Philosophy, where self realisation makes everyone of us understand that, in fact, we are the embodiment of God.Till such time that happens, we can try and use the power of GOD within ourselves, to create our own destiny, for the prosperity of everyone, including ourselves.When I was very young, my dad used to say that ' A man destined to be hanged cannot be drowned'.

Obviously to impress upon the fact that what is fated will happen and we have no choice. I used to wonder that when everything is fated and destined, what is the pleasure in life? And why anyone should take responsibility for good or bad deeds? Why should God select people for differential treatment? There are evidently no answers, unless we accept that we have the choice and power to create our own destiny.Having concluded that part, I started wondering as to what is the limitations of our independence in decision making and plan our destiny? This is a really difficult question to answer, with our limited knowledge.

But I am sure that WE HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE OUR FUTURE AND OUR DESTINY. I have been wondering as to how we could possibly achieve this !.There are books which deal with the power of MIND and the possibilities of tapping the unlimited potential of our subconscious mind to achieve goals in materialistic and philosophical goals.

The methods are not very difficult to follow, if we BELIEVE them. Yes, I am now a strong believer that I can create my destiny for the future. Even Palmistry suggests that our minds and thoughts have strong impact that the lines in our hands can be changed. Anyway, for any logical conclusion, one should have knowledge. But for belief, there is no need for logic or knowledge.

It is the simple of way to start.Perhaps, in a crude way, the computers and God are similar in so many aspects. While God connects to everyone and empowers him, host server connects all computers and empowers them.

Life may probably be equated to a software game, where the limitations are set in the software, we have the freedom to play the game to our expertise and WIN THE GAME OR GET DEFEATED. The software does not interfere with our freedom to play, though the limitations are set. Probably our life is also a software programme, with limitations set and the freedom to play to our choice.

Depending upon the result, we move over to the next stage or continue to play the same stage again and again.Coming back to realities, our present goals are very much into the materialistic world and our aims are to improve them to the extent possible. This, of course, does not spoil our ultimate aim which could come later when we become more matured in life.With an auspicious start, let us move ahead and create our own destiny.Warm Regards.



By: Ramani Iyer

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