Cure Your Excusitis

CURE YOUR 'EXCUSITIS' RIGHT NOW Dr Kem Thompson.There's a deadly disease that keeps many very talented people living way below their desired standards. This ailment keeps many very intelligent people earning much less than they are really worth. It has also been the cause of the early death of many a business idea that held great potential.

This disease is called 'excusitis'.It's a condition where the 'patient' finds all sorts of excuses to justify their poor performance and results or lack of action.In business, (see if you can relate to this), you may feel you don't have what it takes to make it big in your industry.

Or you may feel embarrased to talk to your friends and family about your new business venture. Or perhaps you feel you're not smart enough to hang out (network) with the big players in your field.Perhaps you feel you must attend a course of have an MBA or PhD or some sort of degree in order to make it big. Or you may feel that because you're just a small business, you could never get a major contract.And because of all these (perceived) obstacles, you don't move ahead.

Those are symptoms of 'excusitis'. People that suffer from this disease can often be heard to say 'I'd do this if only I had this that or the other', or 'If only I were younger', 'or if only I didn't have the kids to look after', etc, etc.Notice how each of the 'symptoms' mentioned above keeps you down and holds you steadfast in mediocrity? They're all excuses, and the person making such excuses actually believes them to be true.Remember, your beliefs determine your reality. If you believe you're not worth 10,000 per month then that will be true for you. Your brain will come up with all sorts of 'reasons' to 'prove' that you're not worth it.

But if you CHOOSE to believe that you are worth 10,000 per month and more, if you CHOOSE to believe that you can be the top distributor for your company nationwide or worldwide, if you CHOOSE to believe that you are great at what you do regardless of your qualifications, then that, becomes true for you. Better still, the way to achieve such great things becomes clear to you once you start to think this way.And that is how to cure excusitis: CHOOSE to take responsibility for your life. Refuse to make excuses.

Develop a 'can-do' attitude. Cultivate and CHOOSE beliefs that support your goals.In my work with clients, I emphasize changing beliefs and thought patterns into empowering ones. This is called 'dealing with the problem from its root cause'. Inevitably, the desired outcomes result once the client has consistently practised empowering thought patterns and got rid of disempowering ones such as excusitis and its resultant insecurity.I encourage you to be true to yourself from today.

If there's something you've had it in your heart to do or achieve, yet you have not done it for some reason (excuse) or another, identify that excuse or reason, for it is destructive. Replace it with a reason why you can do it, then go for it.If your goal is to win awards this year in your field or business, refuse to entertain thoughts of why you can't do it. Rather start thinking of why you can and why you will.

Once you make that your predominant mindset, the 'how to do' follows naturally.First things first: cure your excusitis.Here's a quote from *George Bernard Shaw* for you to think about:."People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.

I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.".

.Dr Kem Thompson is a Success Coach, Speaker, Author. She can help you achieve better results at work, business, play, spiritual or in your social life.

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By: Dr Kem Thompson

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