How to Give Out Your Phone Number

You may be saying "I don't give out my phone number." which is perfectly fine.I wouldn't give out my phone number to anyone who asks for it either!.If someone asked for your address or how to find you at work would you tell them?.Now that cell phones are the norm they are like a honing device.

It's annoying when you get unexpected calls from people you don't know hounding you for your time.The best way to get a date with is to VOLUNTARILY GIVE OUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER.The important part is giving it to the right person.Debating about it is nothing more than protecting the ego. Break up with your ego and you will have better dating all around.When you meet an interesting dating prospect in public if you think you will kick yourself later if you lose contact, don't let them get away and give them a way to contact you.

If you find them to be attractive but don't feel any sparks flying keep your number to yourself.Offering your number is a mutual agreement that they can call you anytime. When you ask and they do give you their number it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing.

Here is a simple solution that works for women just as well as men.Send and Watch For Signals Let them know that you are interested with subtle gestures: leaning in and listening when they speak, for women: lightly touching their shoulder or hand (Men: If a woman touches you lightly, that is a sure fire sign she is interested. But don't touch her until she touches you first!), hold your gaze for a moment longer than you normally would, smile and compliment them.

Once you two are playing table tennis with the flirting cues, start getting to know more about them.Are They Available You don't have to flat out ask "Do you have a girlfriend?" or boyfriend? Unless you want to of course. The easier way is to keep talking and finding out more. Asking questions helps them reveal who they are.

They may slip and tell you if they are taken or not. Don't underestimate the power of getting to know someone even if you have limited time.When to Make Your Move The best time to offer your number is when the two of you are getting ready to part ways.If you found the conversation stimulating and sensed a true connection start looking for some paper and a pen.

You say "I had a great time talking to you. We should do this again sometime over coffee or drinks. Here's my number.

Let me know when a good time is for you".See how easy that was? It was forward, to the point and not as clingy as asking.Even if you say something like "Call me if your bored sometime" is better than asking for permission "Can I get your phone number?"(Please please please! Oh please!).

You could also confirm first: "Would you like to have lunch sometime?" if they say yes, break out the business cards.They may be involved at the moment, but if you give them your number and you left a good impression--you might be the first person they call when they are free.What if there is a connection but their credo is: I never give out your phone number.

It's below me. How will they ever get a hold of you if you don't do it first?.Take Action You have to act. If you don't they might not act either! You will have lost your chance of ever seeing them again. Asking for a phone number is not acting.

It is reacting to events that have already taken place. Acting prompts future events.When you volunteer your information: you say "I'm a giver not a taker (or an asker)" and you give the impression of confidence.

You don't want to play it off as if it were no big deal if they called you or not. It's the chance you have to take and fortune favors the bold. Give them your number and expect nothing in return, not even a phone call. If your phone does ring that week, consider it a bonus.Don't ever ask "Are you gonna call me?" or say "You're not going to call me.are you?".

This is self defeating and slashes your confidence stature right in half. You're right, they probably wont call you now that you mentioned it!.It's also more flattering to offer something so prized as your digits that if there really was a bit of chemistry the other person will most likely hit you up at a later date.

Give to a Good Receiver Sometimes we convince ourselves we are attracted to the wrong people and that is why so many have the mantra: never give out your phone number they aren't going to call anyway.When it comes to the opposite sex, we either create in our heads something that is not there and we ignore red flags. Often times we don't care if there is a connection or not. They are so appealing to us we bypass all the warning signs!.Men will force themselves to like someone who is cute enough and women will convince themselves they like a man because he has a decent income.

It works both ways so be aware of this. It will help you in the long run the next time you are debating if you want someone to contact you or not.Exchange of information can seem like a social obligation.

The mindset is: Here we are, we just had a conversation, time to do the phone number thing! It's too robotic and you can see why it wouldn't work.When you ask for someones number you sound needy and you put them on the spot. It's pushy, demanding and too much pressure when you do call them. Again you are taking when you call them out of the blue, not giving.If someone gives me their number, to me, they have a lot to offer.

When you ask you are thinking "This person has a lot to offer me." They may not see things from your point of view. What exactly do you have to offer them?.Maybe they didn't catch the vibes you felt. Now they feel weird that you asked for something so personal.

If there was no connection like you thought there was, telling them to call you is a better option for them think about what they want to do.(That was a test you are only supposed to give your number out to people who are genuinely interested!.When you ask for a number you make the other person feel obligated to give it to you.Take this for example: Women can be too polite and even if there is no attraction they will give there number when you ask because they don't know how to turn you down.

When you call them they screen their calls and you get their voice mail. When you do talk to them again they are polite again in what seems like stringing you along because they don't know how to say they are not interested.When you give them your number first and they call, there is no question they are interested. So why ask and play the guessing game, call them and then come across as, well, bothersome?.There you have it.

You have a greater chance of success if you give instead of take. So always give out your phone number but only to the right person.ęCopyright 2006 Jordan Pierce.

.Jordan Pearce started The Digital Dater website to present views specifically for the online dater.

Jordan has observed the "war of the sexes" and attempts to clarify that most dating issues are not gender specific, but people specific. Learning the myths of dating is the key to having fun, and makes the dating world run a whole lot smoother.To see more article about online dating check out Jordans site: http://www.dynamicsofdating.com.

By: Jordan Pearce

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