Human Politics is No Way to Run Such an Advanced Civilization or Species

Many citizens in the United States of America have stated that they believe that the politics are not good. And when asked directly what they think of politics many of them simply state; politics suck. That is truly unfortunate when we wish for every man and woman to vote in each election.If people stop voting in the elections and they are not satisfied with the politicians then eventually they will take it into their own hands to do something about it and that could cause a civil unrest and perhaps even a revolution let's say in three decades from now.

Currently in the political climate many people are not happy, but they are not so overwhelmingly upset today to wish to take up arms. I am certainly not one to suggest a revolution or that we should destroy all that we have built and start over again, however many people believe we should start over again and get rid of the political structure as we know it today.Why, because it is very corrupt and everyone knows it plus it is not working or helping the forward progression of our nation and quite frankly it is making us weak. Governments No. 1 job is to protect the American people, but they can't even seem to protect our own U.

S. Mexican border from foreign invaders and millions of the legal aliens crossing over the border each and every year.Human politics are no way to run such an advanced species or great civilization and people are becoming more and more aware of this and something in the future must be done.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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