Hurricane Florence is No Friend of Mine

It seems in the last five years that our Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Seasons have been getting more intense and costing US Taxpayers more billions of dollars than ever before. Indeed already this 2006 Tropical Hurricane Season is somewhat of a problematic situation. And we are only on the "F's" with Florence so far. Hurricane Florence is Feared by Floridians and Gulf Coasters, because no one is quite sure where she will strike only that where ever it is there will be costly damage.

Hurricane Florence is no friend of mine and no friend to FEMA as she ferociously flies toward Florida or some other destination. A destiny with disaster and devastation written all over it and of course we see the Hurricane Hunters, FEMA, National Hurricane Center in Miami, the NOAA and the Weather Channel, with pictorial charts, graphics, satellite imagery and we all know what that means. More of the same and many are asking when will it end?.We had an early Hurricane Season in 2005, which finished late and another early season this year and we are only getting started. Some meteorologists are already predicting a longer than usual Hurricane Season like last year? More of the same, as fear and anxiety top human emotion and wreak havoc on weary washed out souls.

Please Mother Nature, cut us some slack, won't you please call Florence back.

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By: Lance Winslow

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