MiniTations TwoThree Minute Meditations for Mothers

"I don't have time to catch my breath, let alone sit for 15 minutes and meditate." This is a phrase I hear all too often, while lecturing new mothers on beginning meditation.Some may think I have my work cut out for myself when recognizing that most new mothers are running in so many circles that they become frustrated and possibly a little unreasonable.

But reasoning with them is not something I expect to do. All I have to do is present the facts, and add some interesting 2-3 minute 'mini-tations.'.

Mini-Tations are quick ways of having a quite moment, lasting only two or three minutes.As I begin to describe what meditation is, in a no-frills manner, mothers begin to sit up and take notice. The main purpose of meditation is to eliminate outside thoughts or distractions, in order to still the mind. New mothers are prime candidates for needing to eliminate distractions.

It is very important that they stay focused and aware every minute.Not only do they need to be totally immersed in paying attention to baby's every need, but details of the rest of life need attention as well. The dirty clothes must be washed, the carpet must be vacuumed, the groceries must be bought, the phone must be answered, dinner cooked, and on and on and on?(somewhere in there comes the attention for a husband, too).

It would seem that taking care of baby would be a fulltime position. But somewhere along the way, the rest of the chores must be attended to. Even though there is no time to be selfish, taking care of self is of paramount importance.Many new mothers are also trying to work outside the home at least part time if not back to the full rat race. So when I offer them the chance to take a well deserved two minute respite-- that seems to fit into the scheme of things.Research has been done by various organizations, such as West Oakland Health Center in California, and the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts.

It has been found that meditation not only reduces blood pressure and heart rate, but reduces stress and tension. It reduces anxiety, builds self-confidence and allows you to sleep more soundly.Your mind relaxes to the point that it can deal with problems that arise during the day. A sense of peacefulness comes over you and you are able to make better choices with less up-tight feelings.New mothers can't afford to not do this!.

This is the list of several Mini-Tations they can do at any time during the day:.1. Focus on your toes. Yes! Your toes.

Notice if your shoes are too tight. If so, take them off. Wiggle your toes. Pay attention to how free they feel out of the shoes. Take the bottle of baby powder and sprinkle it on your toes.

Feel how smooth they are with the powder on them. Promise to free them a little later as you slip your shoes on again.2. Sit comfortably for two minutes. Make sure the television is off.

Listen to the sounds around you: the furnace/air conditioner running, the tick of the clock, a breeze blowing in the window, the birds singing, the traffic sounds down the street.3. Smell the new baby smells: fresh bedding, baby oil, dirty diaper pail.4. Softly, slowly sing a lullaby to your baby.5.

Rock your baby to sleep.Once they started to get the idea that they could take their life experiences, include their baby and just focus on the experience, they were raring to get started with their new, stress reducing Mini-Tations.

.Rev. Melissa Leath has been a spiritual mentor and teacher for 30 years, and is author of Meditation, Plain and Simple Workbook. She shares topics of self-empowerment such as meditation, intuition, spiritual path.

Please find out more by going her website: http://www.123SpiritualGrowth.com , or http://www.MeditationWarehouse.com .

Also, for a downloadable meditation e-book, check out: http://www.MeditationMadeEasy.com .

By: Melissa Leath

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