Mothers Can Be Affected by Infidelity in Ways

It's a sobering thought for Mother's Day, but infidelity can affect a mother in 3 ways -- psychologically, physically and financially.Psychologically If a woman's husband is cheating on her, it can lead to psychological issues which can negatively impact the way she interacts with her children. It's difficult for a woman to be a good mother when she's trying to work through the issues of her husband's affair. A mother can become so emotionally distraught that she's unable to give her children the care and attention they need. Infidelity in a marriage can also cause psychological problems in children such as anxiety, depression, or eating disorders, with which a mother will have to cope.

Physically A man having an affair, who engages in unprotected sex, puts the mother of his children at risk for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). If a mother's health deteriorates she will be unable to care for her children. If she's pregnant, STD's can jeopardize the health of her unborn child. Some STD's, like chlamydia can even affect a woman's ability to become a mother, by rendering her incapable of having children.

Financially If infidelity leads to separation or divorce, it could affect the ability of a mother to financially provide for her child ? especially if her husband refuses to meet his financial obligations. Without the father's income, a mother may be unable to support her children in the manner to which she has been accustomed. She may even have to work outside the home, or take second job, which will limit the amount of time she can spend with her children. An unexpected divorce or separation can put an unsuspecting wife and mother in a serious financial bind when it comes to living arrangements, health care, and the children's education.Don't Be the Last to Know.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to infidelity and extramarital affairs. As a mother, if your husband is cheating, you can't afford to be the last to know. For the sake of your children, you need to find out before it's too late. Is He Cheating on You? ? 829 Telltale Signs, lists practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs women usually overlook.

Do yourself a favor for Mother's Day and familiarize yourself with the signs of infidelity, so you'll never be caught by surprise. To receive a free tip sheet which describes the 21 categories of infidelity signs, send an e-mail to InfidelityInfo@gmail.com with "21 categories" in the subject line.

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About Ruth Houston: .Infidelity expert Ruth Houston is the author of Is He Cheating on You? ? 829 Telltale Signs and the founder of http://www.infidelityadvice.com/ Frequently called on by the media to comment on infidelity issues in the news, Ruth has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune, , the Houston Chronicle, the Toronto Sun, Crain's New York Business, iVillage, MSN Lifestyle, UPI, Newhouse News Service, Reuters, AFP, Entertainment Online, Hollywood Heat and numerous other print and online media. Ruth has also been a guest on The Today Show, Good Day New York, Telemundo, PowerTalk Radio FM, TalkAmeri,a BBC, CBC and over 250 other radio and TV talk shows in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. .

To interview infidelity expert Ruth Houston, call 718 592-6039 or e-mail her at InfidelityExpert@gmail.com.About the Book: .Is He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs lists practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs women usually overlook. Despite the title, most signs apply to cheating women as well as cheating men.

The signs are conveniently grouped into 21 major categories so you can easily find the signs that apply to your husband. No private investigators, high surveillance equipment or special skills required. All signs can be found using nothing more than your own eyes and ears, your personal knowledge of your mate, and the information in this book.To order Is He Cheating on You? ? 829 Telltale Signs, call 1-800-431-1579, or order from www.InfidelityAdvice.com or Amazon.

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By: Ruth Houston

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