Motivational Speaker Says Relax You Did The Best You Could

One of the main reasons people are poor time managers is the fact that they spend very little time in the present, in the here and now.They're grieving about something in their past, dwelling on it, wishing they could, somehow, undo it, or do it over again.Of course, when we get stuck in the rear view mirror we can't see what's on the road ahead.

One way to let go of the past, totally and completely is to tell yourself: "I did the best I could do.".Repeat this a thousand times, if you must, until it sounds utterly reasonable, because it is simply that: reasonable.Would you ever purposely do less than your best?.

It's possible, but not likely.In most circumstances, whether now you look back and believe you won, lost or tied, you did everything in your power to win.And whatever is plaguing you should really be over, put to rest.

Once it is, you can move on. You'll feel renewed vigor and have a clearer focus.Some wise person said as human beings, occupying our planet at this time, we're truly being challenged, and life isn't easy.With that in mind, excuse yourself for your shortcomings and for your setbacks and apparent failures.Under the circumstances, you were, and we all are, doing our best!.


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By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman

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