On The Prowl Dating

Have you ever noticed that men do most of the chasing?.Women can sit back and watch as men make fools out of themselves trying every chat up line available to engage in conversation with a view to a little more.The plan of attack.It's always funny to stand in a club and watch different techniques used.

It's like being in the animal world, first you get the arrogant lion who goes on the prowl before finding his prey, pushing his chest out and walking up to his conquest with that, your so lucky I chose you look on his face. Next comes the monkey, his eyes darting from one female to another. The monkey can never make his mind up, just as he attempts to attack his prey another lady comes along that takes his fancy. Finally comes the snake, he is silent, waiting in the dark corners, carefully choosing his prey before moving in for the kill with a wide grin on his face.Okay, okay I admit it's not that bad but you get the idea.There are many ways to chat up a woman of interest but generally the best way would be to engage in conversation then become a good listener, listen to what she has to say and try to fill the empty gaps with laughter and points of interest, empty gaps can be a real killer, if you don't fill them you could lose the opportunity.

Women are just as interested as men in the dating game, they just hide it well, after all they are not led by their??ahem. What you have to do is prove yourself to be better than the competition, to do this you need a bit of patience and to act less like a Neanderthal on safari and more like the man of her dreams.

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By: Joanne King

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