Playing The Dating Game

We've all heard about 'the game', but does it really work? In this article I will attempt to discuss what 'the game' really is, and how we can use it to our advantage and have a successful relationship.Dating is a game. There is a continual push and pull / give and take mentality in the dating game, that if one does not know the rules of the game, one will end up on the losing end. When one party has too much power and/or control, such a relationship is doomed for failure; there is no 'thrill of the hunt' and this union will end quite abruptly. The trick to playing 'the game' is to make the other party want you more than you want them.

For example, after a first date, do not call no earlier than after the 3rd day. Also, do not call in succession, for this shows desperation and immaturity.Most of all, show patience in playing the game.

Do not show too much interest (although you might feel quite the contrary); do not call too often (make them want you); do not seem desperate (girls can sense this subconsciously); make her pay sometimes (this shows equality); and most of all, try to show him/her that the world does not revolve around them (this goes hand in hand with the disinterest parameter).The game takes on different forms in a relationship. Once a relationship becomes more established, it will be okay to lessen the 'disinterest' factor and other game parameters. It will be up to the individual to gauge, but in general, be careful at how you modify the game rules.

I once talked with a friend who was married for 2 years at the time and happily together for about 10 years, and he told me that the game never ends, it, "just changes over time".Be careful with the game, and do not be afraid to modify it, for if either player plays it too well, nothing will ever happen between either player.

.Women usually have an upperhand versus men because men are generally more desperate for action than women.

But when it comes to foreign women, they are desperately seeking Western Men. In fact, the women outnumber the man. No need to play the dating game here, men get to pick and choose.

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By: Kris Lazaro

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