Pure Capitalism Only Works in a Purely Ethical World

Some people believe that pure capitalism can only work in a purely ethical world. They believe capitalism in its purest since to be okay, but not the best way to run a civilization. In fact many of these people believe that capitalism in of its self is evil, in that it brings out the worst in human kind.

Recently this topic was debated in an online think tank when one member stated a quote;."The only problem with advancing the concept of "pure capitalism" is that it can only live in harmony & function smoothly a theoretically purely ethical world.".

This is not correct actually and there is no way to verify it even if in theory it were correct. Since one, we do not live in a purely ethical world, because there are humans around everywhere. And two no human society on Earth practices pure capitalism.The online detractor and thinker on economic pure capital policy then quotes; "Capitalism in fact fosters a stifling environment for psychological development & encourages the enhancement of greed, conflict & banality".This is not true when it was said in "Das Capital" by Carl Marx and it is not true today. In fact if you look at what capitalism brings, it brings freedom of choice, higher standards of living, more efficient civilizations and more ability to donate funds to the unfortunate.

Also it allows more time to be involved in other causes of interest, all of which help the common good. Therefore it empowers rather than stifles like socialism or communism which neither work in their modified or pure form if one considers individuality, liberty and freedom to be of any value.Next our anti-capitalism, anti-globalist and anti-Free Enterprise self-proclaimed thinker states; "So capitalism may be great at material accumulation, but its equally terrible at immaterial fulfillment and social fellowship.

".In my opinion this is so utterly incorrect that it is should not even been considered. It seems to me that so often when someone is so far removed from something that they condemn it without seeing what it can do.

Capitalism builds the roads and bridges, communication lines and all the other assets you use like the Internet to bring you and your fellow man together in social fellowship. So I disagree, in fact I so strongly disagree that I am not interested in social fellowship with such a clouded mind. Consider this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board.

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By: Lance Winslow

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