Rebuilding New Orleans is Completely Ludicrous

It is utterly ridiculous and completely ludicrous to consider the rebuilding of New Orleans under sea level with a levee system. First of all after hurricane Katrina New Orleans should become a Superfund site as it is completely polluted with debris and chemicals.FEMA is worried about being able to clean it up and many of the volunteer workers are worried about catching diseases.

Meanwhile many of the swimming pools are filled with polluted water, which has scum layers and algae growing about three inches thick. This is causing mosquitoes to populate at incredible speeds.Of course we know mosquitoes to be disease and virus vectors and that is a little disconcerting considering the coming of bird flu, West Nile virus and other pathogens and viruses known to be in the area.The groundwater in New Orleans is completely polluted and should never be used for drinking water again. Meanwhile, all of the buildings and homes have mold growing inside of them and they need to be torn down to prevent people from getting sick and to prevent lawyers from suing in class-action lawsuits those property owners who own income property.

Failure to do this will cost the health-care system billions of dollars in the future and that is more good taxpayer money after bad. Not to mention the fact that another hurricane could easily come again. Rebuilding New Orleans is completely ludicrous. Why won't anyone stand up and save the truth? It is incompetent to rebuild New Orleans in that location, it is unhealthy, not cost-effective and too great of a risk. Please consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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