Republics and Efficiencies With a Little Philosophy and Observation

A Republic pushes the individual up and uses the maximum talents of the individual releasing that individual from tasks, which are irrelevant to their abilities for more efficiency elsewhere in the society. The combined resultant is human societies of efficiency.A Republic insures "number one" protection of her people.

Additionally it over sees the outsourcing, supervision and administering if not the direct duties to maintain the flows civilization such as; Education, transportation, distribution (includes trade), common currency, communication (including common language or equivalent thru tech), fresh water, energy as needed and a common cause.Republics push people up. For the most part although not entirely perfect, as perfection is a moving target and complete Utopia leaves no further worthwhile challenge, meaning it has reached a pinnacle and cannot move on, only slide back. Republics provide a mission and maximum use of resources thus empowering the individual and the whole for a worthy life experience free from most want and getting the furthest in the individuals pursuit of happiness.I am happy to say that the United States of America fulfills that vision for the most number of people and does it better than any civilization which has come before.

But I think it can be better, so I will help make it so. Meanwhile these festering regimes are in the way of our goals and therefore the world's goals in producing a one-world system, which is fair for all concerned and can carry thru future periods of mankind and human existence in our striving to move forward. It can be done. But weakness is not a proper stance, as it takes vision and strength to build the Utopia you and I both seek. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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