Rocking it out with a suit

Even way back in the eighties, the world over knows that the right suit or blazer can be paired with a golf shirt and casual denims. There's nothing like bringing in a fresh and casual ruggedness into an otherwise ho-hum coat and tie story. I know I risk spouting cliches when harking back to the 80s, and most especially to that one decade. Nevertheless, the jeans and blazer thing has evolved into the ID of the Generation Y for me. I see it as a fashion statement that stands side by side with the ipods and Blackberries of our "user-generated content" world. Besides, the suit itself is the topic of countless magazine articles; and yet we seem to can't get enough.

I've even heard of one advice that somebody starting out ought to not only have two ties, but two suits: a business blazer, and a sporty all-purpose. So what's my personal picks on the ultimate suit and jeans combo? As always, the goal is to pick a color for your suit and inner shirt with patterns (because patterns will always be in style) that give a smooth visual transtition to the blue of the jeans, and back to the suit and shirt. First of all, there's no question about the jeans. Personally, I cannot guarantee the appropriateness of investing in tapered or washed jeans.

One thing I refuse to keep mum on is to choose pajama-like bagginess with a low-rise waist. and that's it. And the shirt? A T-shirt with horizontal stripes will rock, but so will dress shirts, turtle neck to roundneck sweaters, and even hoodies. How about the coat itself? If you want to play safe, your investment?and that is what it is?will be in a muted color. Why not pick charcoal or navy blue? Some say skin tone plays a role, but that is far from it for me, since those two shades are the most prudent colors.

The skin tone matters when we start discussing the inner shirt's colors; the goal there, as an aside, is for the shirt to brighten up your face color. But anyway, back to the jacket. If you want something that can switch between the office and a corporate event, you may want to try a wool blend. But pushing the lever to the sporty, blacksheep end will bring up examples like houndstooth, linen and cotton fabrics.

In any case, if it's time to buy one (or two), why not bring your most significant other to narrow down choices for you?.

Rupert Bowling is the Owner of EshopOne a supplier of Mens Suits. Having been selling mens clothing online since 1999, he is considered by some to be an "old timer".

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