Searching For Answers From God

Maybe we have to learn to ask our questions differently if we expect to get a response from God.Perhaps it's time to stop asking God what he can do for us and start asking what we can do to help make God's Kingdom flourish. Maybe part of finding answers from God is a matter of us learning to take a lesson from God and to start to deal with our own questions ? to come up with our own answers based on His teachings.

Let's see if we can't come up with our own answers to some questions we would normally look to God for the answers to.Question: Why do bad things happen to good people?.Answer: Because we participate in creating an environment of fear, distrust and pollution which breeds the framework for bad things happening.Question: Can God promise me good health?.Answer: Couldn't we help insure our own good health by practicing habits that will promote our good health?.Question: Can God make us feel more secure?.

Answer: If we have faith in God won't that help make us feel more secure?.Question: Why do our answers end in more questions?.Answer: Could it be that we do not have enough faith in our own answers? Could it be that God has already given us the answers to our questions and we don't have the faith to understand them? Could it be that it is up to us to understand God's answers to our questions?.Perhaps searching for answers from God is an answer to finding our faith in and of itself. Copyright Arthur Levine 2006
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.Arthur Levine is a columnist for the Religion and Spirituality Forum of United Press International. Please join him in a search for God at his blog: http://searchfor-god.blogspot.com.

By: Arthur Levine

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