Secret Group Want to Sign Up

One way groups try to get people to sign up and recruit them is to say that it is a secret group and only if they you select people are allowed to join. This tactic works very well for many groups to recruit members who are of higher caliber then they normally would be able to collect because curiosity attracts attention. This is a normal human characteristic and a known trait, yet you should not fall for such a BS maneuver or tactic when trying to recruit people for your group.

If your group is that great then spell it out and state why it is great. Because if you can't explain upfront why your group is so great and only that it is secret then I have a secret for you; I see through your BS. Generally most groups that say they are a secret group do have a secret and that secret that they must guard very closely is that there is no secret in reality.

Consider a certain religious group or sect and how they say that they hold the secrets. So what? Keep your little secret to yourself and see how good you do with recruiting the great members of our society and civilization in the present period who are beyond the superstar abilities. It does not do much good does it; all you have his losers in your group and your only secret is there is no secret.And that my friends is no secret at all as a matter-of-fact it is chicken waste and pathetic, so you get no respect from me for your little secret. Take your secret and shove it up your rear end because that is where I think your secret is and what it is full of.

Consider this in 2006.

.Lance Winslow.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lance_Winslow.

By: Lance Winslow

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