Single somethings a Growing Population

With the divorce rate hovering around 50%, it is no wonder why there is a growing number of 40-somethings who are single. While fifty years ago it was unusual to see a single person of that age, today it is quite the norm. People are choosing to get divorced more often, whereas divorce was never an option fifty years ago. Therefore, the population of older singles is growing rapidly.Another reason why people are seeing a growing population of single 40-somethings is because people are not as likely to remarry if their spouse dies earlier than expected.

With diseases like cancer and other serious conditions more common than ever before, there is a large number of people dying before their normal life expectancy rate predicts. While people typically remarried soon after being widowed in the past, today people are embracing the single life instead of settling for the first person they come across.With the population of single 40-somethings not likely declining anytime soon, there will likely be an increase in people of this age on dating sites and in the dating pool overall. So, if you are looking for someone that age, you can be happy to know you should have several people to pursue.


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By: Peter Portero

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