The Cost of Ignoring our Past

Have you ever tried of forgetting something that happened in the past and placed it in your subconscious mind yet it still haunts you? Some of you have, I'm sure. There's a point in a person's life that sometimes forgetting is how they see their problems resolved. But the more they don't face it, the more the problem becomes bigger and they won't be able to actually have it resolved.

Problems should be faced and not to be slept on, ignored, forgotten or put away in some kind of box. You should always remember that whenever you are faced with problems you cannot solve, it is better to seek advice.Ignoring our past makes us an incomplete person. Whenever you get to solve a problem, doesn't it make you feel good? There are instances that you feel like you're free, without a doubt and without worries. Wouldn't you settle for that kind of feeling than to let a problem bug you in the future?.If you don't know how to solve your problems, why don't you seek the advice of the people around you like your friends, your family or a shrink? There is just no good reason for you to ignore a problem and make it your "past".

People say "the past is past". Yes, it is a past, but if there's something unresolved in that past then there's a problem waiting for you. Don't let the problem control you in the future.The cost of ignoring our past especially when there are problems involved is repulsive.

You may never how it gets back at you. It may come back with a whim and strike at you without you knowing, or it may hit you hard and let you loose in the fight because you did not face it.Think of it this way, ignore the past and leave problems unresolved, so that in the future you'd still have a lot to think about.

Or you could just resolve the problem as soon as possible and live a life free of worries and doubts.


By: Lanie Pambid

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