The Miracle Power of Love and Forgiveness and the Strangers Call

The man at the other end of the phone sounded strangely odd. "Is your husband home? I have something of his."."He's not here right now. May I give him a message?" I asked."No, that's okay.

I'll call back." CLICK.Why did I feel so uneasy? Was it his tone of voice? I couldn't place him as anyone I knew.Before long I was relating that strange call to Mike, my husband, explaining that we may be getting another call soon.

Sure enough, later that night he called again."I have something of yours," he told my husband. "It looks valuable. What's it worth to you to have it back?".The man had found Eric's, Mike's oldest son's, daytimer. Eric had obviously misplaced it and now it was in the hands of ?who? He wouldn't leave his name, he just wanted Mike to meet him with some cash as a reward.

The daytimer was indeed very valuable to Eric. It contained not only his paycheck, but numerous phone numbers, appointments and letters. It was of pure leather, a gift that he would cherish for a lifetime.

Mike explained to the man that it belonged to his son and he would contact Eric in California to see about a reward. Mike told the man it didn't feel right, but if he would call the next night, he'd have an answer for him then.Every time the phone rang the next evening, I jumped with an uneasy feeling. Again he called, stating a location at a fast food restaurant for Mike to meet him with cash. Now he stated the amount - $100 and not a penny less. By now Mike was tense and irritated.

Eric did not want to pay a ransom for his daytimer, but had told Mike to simply have the man call him direct, in California."But nothing doing," the man replied in a raspy voice ? he'd call again with yet another plan if Mike would not meet him.The next night it was the same, another call with another plan, this time with threats of destroying Eric's property or else.

We were feeling at wit's end from the strain and repeated calls."You must have a rough life to feel that separate from people," Mike told him. Now it was C.

O.D. or ? or what? Mike hung up.By now our peaceful home environment felt shattered. The man had our phone number, our address and I was unaccustomed to his kind of thinking.I knew the only path to feeling safe again was through prayer.

Mike and I sat quietly together each affirming the stranger's worth, that he indeed was blessed by a loving God who would nurture him and care for him in his time of need. We sat for a long time, surrounding the man with love and light. We put the whole matter in God's hands.

Instantly I felt better, as if a definite shift had taken place. Something had changed, but what I wasn't sure.Miraculously, a day or two later we got another call, only this one was quite different. It was from the daughter of a Chinese man who spoke no English. He had found Eric's daytimer unharmed at the post office dumpster.

Would we like to come over and get it? She accepted no reward as Mike gratefully offered to pay for her time and trouble. She was very kind and sweet, glad to see if she could help in any way.What became of the stranger we do not know, only that we placed him in God's care and the Spirit of Love had brought what was lost back home again.

Surely God would guide the stranger Home as well.

. Connie Bowen.Note: this article may be re-published freely as long as the following resource box is included at the end of the article and as long as you link to the URL mentioned in the resource box:.Connie Bowen's books have sold over 50,000 copies worldwide and still counting! She is the author/illustrator of the beloved children's affirmation books I Believe In Me, and I Turn to the Light, and illustrator for The Sunbeam and the Wave, and Susan Chernak McElroy's animal stories of Heart in the Wild and All My Relations.

Inside pages of her books can be viewed and enjoyed as well as her stunning commission pet portraits at http://www.conniebowen.com. Connie's story of how I Believe In Me was created originally for her own son is featured in the last chapter of Rosemary Ellen Guiley's book, Breakthrough Intuition.

By: Connie Bowen

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