The Ultimate Illegal Alien Hurricane Alberto

Here cometh the worst illegal alien we have ever known; Hurricane Alberto approaches. Did you know the first named storm of the year is Alberto? Very fitting in this year of illegal alien and illegal immigration reform isn't it? The forth-named storm of the year is Eduardo and you may also notice many other Spanish Names in this years 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season list.Does this mean that Mexico will get most of the significant hurricanes this year or sent everyone with Spanish-speaking names is coming to the U.S.

via the illegal border crossings that the United States will take the brunt of the major hurricanes this season? Only time will tell.NOAA scientists have come out with their latest prediction of six to nine major category three or higher hurricanes during the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season. Of course this is not very good news for those that live along the Gulf Coast or for those who live on the giant sandbar we know as the Great state of Florida. Will the United States of America be invaded with illegal alien hurricane storms again this season?.

By now we have all had enough of the illegal entry and hot air surrounding the illegal immigration protests, boycotts and marches? And we are not even done rebuilding from last year. Our civilization cannot handle much more of this illegal entry; weather it be Hurricanes or Hot Aired Immigrants. Well, either way you better hold onto your sombrero my friend; this just may be hurricane season you'll never forget. Consider this and 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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