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To be successful in your industry, it is crucial to stay up to date. By learning about new trends, technologies, and systems, you will be able to offer your customers more value. You will reinforce your credibility and expertise.Make a commitment to regularly refresh and update your professional development.

Go to seminars, read industry publications, and consult with colleagues to stay current on the use of new tools in your industry. Implement new technology in your company to offer your customers the latest and greatest.What are you currently reading? What live events are you going to? Who are you spending your time with? Experts are always staying at the forefront of their field. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you include career-propelling books on your reading list, as well as ongoing training. Even free online forums can greatly enhance your set of skills by asking questions of other entrepreneurs.

Every bit of knowledge you glean from a specialist is another tool you can incorporate into your bag of tricks. When the time is right and you have a customer who is in need, you have one more thing to offer. There are many people who are writing books and giving presentations to HELP you succeed.

They want you to excel. Their knowledge can help you run your business more effectively.Attend live events, as well. Even though these can be expensive, they are an opportunity for you to meet important contacts. You may also meet new customers or be presented with new business opportunities. You are investing in yourself to PLAY BIG! Plus, you are completely immersing yourself in your industry, focusing on learning new strategies to improve your business.

You can bring these new concepts home to offer to your customers.Often at seminars, the presenters will offer some deep discounts on their home study courses and other information products. You can invest in these while you're there ? remember they are a tax write off! Most importantly, you have access to the "greats" in your industry. Take the opportunity to ask a specific question or to clarify a point. This is access you probably won't find elsewhere ? you often are unable to just ring these folks up on the phone without having to navigate through a slew of gatekeepers.

ACTION STEP: What will help you accelerate your learning? What new information do you want to acquire? Make a list of events you can attend, books you can purchase, and specialists to call for more information. Take steps toward growing your expertise. By learning more, you'll be able to charge more for your skills.Copyright 2006 Marketing Maven.


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By: Wendy Maynard

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