Trade Embargo The United States vs Cuba

International conflict is inescapable. Aside from declaring war, one move a country could take against another country is to impose a trade embargo. An embargo prohibits trades and commerce with another country.

Embargos are declared to make a country's government suffer by restricting the import and export thereby crippling its economy. Its purpose is usually for political punishment because of some past disagreement. However, some observers are doubtful if a country that has imposed an embargo has some other motive aside from delivering a slap on the wrist.

Trade embargos have also been used as a war strategy in the past.Perhaps the most talked about and enduring trade embargo is the one declared by the US to Cuba. Former President Dwight Eisenhower declared to restrict the trade of the US and Cuba in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro on October 19, 1960. At first medicine and food was excluded but on September 4, 1961, the United State Congressed passed a bill which prohibited products to be traded to Cuba, including food and medical assistance.When John Kennedy ascended into power, he expanded the imposed embargo against Fidel Castro's country by prohibiting the import of all products containing material from Cuba even if it's made from another country. On a side note, this is the reason why it is illegal to smoke the world-famous Cuban cigars in the US.

On February 8, 1963 Kennedy took the trade restriction to another level by prohibiting American citizen to step on Cuban soil. On March 19, 1977 the relationship between Cuba and the US seemingly improved as President Carter dropped the Cuban travel ban.Whenever the public is asked about the trade embargo imposed by the US to Cuba, a vast majority always reply that they are the embargo should be abolished and they are greatly in favor to resume a trading relationship with Cuba. It seems though that the voices of these people fall on deaf ears. In fact, 2 years ago President George W. Bush signed a Presidential Proclamation that bans the travel of all sea vessels from US ports to ports in Cuba.

In the 2005 UN General Assembly meeting, majority of world leaders condemned the embargo on Cuba for the 14th time with only 3 countries voted against the motion to end it. Though many are against the trade embargo, it is still in full effect as of 2006.

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By: Vasily Klimko

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