Tropical Storm Aletta Hurricane Season Has Started

Well it is official a Tropical Storm has formed off the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Tropical Storm Aletta is here and therefore Hurricane Season has officially started. It looks as if the Pacific Hurricane Season has beaten the Atlantic Hurricane Season this year. One thing those of us who study these storms on the Pacific side have noticed is that so often the water movements appear to trigger volcanoes in Mexico or coincide with small and sometimes notable Earthquakes too?.Perhaps this is more than coincidence in that the additional water weight on the tectonic plate moves the plate slightly, just enough where already stressed areas are able to find movement and a release of pressure.

Sometimes these Earthquakes coincide with storm surges, high tides and Moon Cycles as well. Which is rather interesting to study itself. Nevertheless the Pacific Ocean is heating up on our side of the world and the surface temperatures indeed make Hurricanes and Tropical Storms more probable as they are easier to form.

The absence of a strong trade when seems to have allowed Tropical Storm Aletta to have formed early in the Season. Meanwhile on the Atlantic Side of Mexico the waters are also already heating up in the Gulf of Mexico. During the 2005 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Mexico got hammered hard by one Category IV Hurricane and several smaller ones when the remnants continued for a week flooding inland. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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