UFOs Fact or Fiction

In today's modern thought, one subject that is compelling and with no shortage of theories and mention is that of the UFO.The question here is do they really exist, lets look at the subject in greater detail.Although a well-known subject for literally thousands of years (indeed mentioned in the earliest known writings) continue to fascinate man.The S.

E.T.I. project, countless private investigators, national (depending on the country) organizations devoted to researching the UFO and ET phenomena all give a certain credence to the existence of such objects and entities.The physics of getting from point "A" which is even a few thousand light years away to point "B" has been considered even by the greats such as Einstein and Oppenheimer.

Interestingly enough, their theories and now mathematical substantiation would imply that space travel is possible, but indeed, not too practical. So, worm holes, time warps and other devices have been used to explain the possibility further.The subject of countless films and books and needless to say, a whole industry, has sprung up, making the subject economically attractive.The ancients however were quite used to the phenomena and knew exactly what it was, and perhaps, still is.The ancient Indians were quite used to flying by non-mechanical methods on carpets, or machines.

The Pushpa mentioned in the Sacred Writing of the Mahabharata (India's timeless epic) was used to fly all over India and other places.Indeed, the Rama's journey back from Sri Lanka after a war was described in detail from the air, and no less than it seems about 5,000 meters!.The Arabian Nights, another classic and perhaps much more than just fables and stories, mentions non-mechanical flight on carpets and other objects.Distances are transversed at the speed of light (thought), with entities that appear as people, but not just really.Some are huge and terrifying, some are smaller and beautiful. These are the race of Jinn, or Geniis.

Evidence of UFO's.To apply today's UFO phenomena to some ETs from somewhere is easy enough, but also, the quotable phenomena of lights in the sky, abduction of people, livestock mutilation, crop circles, and objects appearing and disappearing from nowhere are mentioned time and again in stories of the Genii.These are not new ideas either. In the stories of Solomon, he too moves about all over Arabia (how did he do that?), gains control over the Jinn (Geniis) by magical means, confines the really evil ones to small bottles stopped with his Seal (which today is wrongly called the Star of David).

The work of the Geniis can be easily attributed to the phenomena of the UFO when looked at in that light.These "stories" from the Bible, the Koran. Mahabharata, Avesta (ancient Zoroastrian ? Persian Sacred Writings), Egyptian and Ancient Chinese texts, could be just "so much smoke". Logically however, where there is so much smoke, there had to be fire. Indeed there are so many stories, having been heard by, and in so many ages and tongues, that some of it must be true.

The Genii assume any shape and they need or wish to. They fly both visibly and invisibly. The abduct, have relations, heal and kill people. They are sometimes beneficial and sometimes very malicious, especially the ones of the air (called Ifrits) and appear to delight in confounding human beings.

They can be religious (some were Jews, some were Muslims), or purposefully evil, and akin to demons.All of these activities, when looked at in an objective way, could be attributed to the UFO and ET themes.The Christian Church, over the Middle Ages, and all the way through to the Victorian age, had a great deal to do with suppressing this kind of knowledge. Today, we are free to go back and examine our pasts, and with it, perhaps, the Genii too are liberated once more to contribute, react, and continue to confound the human race.


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By: Sacha Tarkovsky

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