What Your Anxiety Symptoms Are Really Telling You

Are you suffering from the gnawing nagging feeling of overwhelming unsettled emotional discomfort? Is it effecting your self-esteem and motivation?.Most are familiar with the general anxiety disorders that can be triggered by fears, impending doom, obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic stress and more. But what about other not so obvious things that raise apprehension and uneasiness that you can't explain?.

What is at the root of your anxiety symptom? It may be buried deeply in your subconscious, but most likely you are just not currently aware of the cause. There are many possible things that can be the source of the disharmony leading to undesirable emotional feelings. What do you feel that you can't cope with? Does it relate to the general condition of your life?.What if you are feeling anxious because deep inside you know that you are not thinking and acting in ways that support your core self? You may not even be consciously aware of what is truly important to you, but your incongruent behavior is causing internal friction that your emotions are responding to. Not being aware of why you feel the way you do supports the anxiety, you feel powerless and unsure.

But why are you uncertain?.It is normally based on your perception and subsequent interpretation of something. There can be some subtle things that are the cause of stress and anxiety.Here are 5 places to look for some possible root causes of your anxiety symptom:.1) Personal integrity is compromised --.

Are some of your thoughts and behavior not in alignment with your most important values? This situation can be tough to detect until you look for it, as you may not be clearly aware of your deep values. If there is a conflict between your behavior and your deepest core values you will feel emotionally unsettled. Your thoughts and actions must be congruent with your deepest values in order to feel harmonious.2) Less than honest interactions --.Are you less than honest and forthright in your interactions with others? If you are living even small lies you may be fooling some of the people some of the time, but never yourself.

Deep within, you know what's going on and your inner self will let you know when something is not right. However, if you are not aware of your inner thoughts and feelings you may not be sure what your anxious feelings are based on.3) Cheating Your Potential --.Are you not utilizing all of your potential? Do you make excuses for not using all your potential? Are you full of reasons and justifications in an attempt to feel right about your less than full effort? You know this inside; you can't cheat yourself and get away with it. When you are consciously not aware of it you can feel out of control without knowing why.

Not utilizing your full potential can be stressful and anxiety symptoms will come from your feeling not in control.4) Stuck in the Procrastination trap --.You know that you are not getting done what you want to get done and what you are capable of doing, but can't seem to do anything about it.

Also you become unsure that you can do anything about it since you have not been able to up to this point. When you get stuck in this cycle the frustration with yourself can turn into anxiety, as you don't know what is behind it, plus worrying whether you can ever change it.5) Fearing your future without knowing why --.This relates to the first four items, in that if any of the above conditions are present you can easily feel unsure of your future. Facing the future with self confidence requires that you be well grounded in who you are and in touch with your potential.

Not being secure and feeling unsure whether you can do anything about it is stressful and can lead to anxiety.Stress and anxiety can go hand in hand as you are continuously aware of your feelings of uncertainty and the resulting fears. It can even be the cause of depression if the situation seems like it's hopeless.The key is to root out these base causes of your emotional feelings, reassess them and change your perception to better align with the life you want.Anxiety symptoms are red flags your inner referee is throwing up to notify you that something is not right, out of balance. If you let it go, just like a physical ailment, it gets worse and becomes more and more established.

These self-concepts originated from some perceived need to protect or satisfy in some way. Since you are feeling unsettled, they are likely no longer supporting your best interest. Your inner self is making you aware of an opportunity to change for the better.To discover what the sources of your stress and anxiety are and what were the benefits, ask yourself some probing questions to peel open your thoughts. Once your thoughts are revealed, then reassess and establish a new perception and interpretation of the situation or idea.

Start with a blank tablet and a pen or pencil. Get yourself calm and relaxed. Write the first question at the top, then without thinking write what ever thoughts come up without analyzing or judging -- just write.

For example --.~Why am I feeling this way?.~What is my biggest fear in life?.~What is the worse that could happen regarding this fear?.~Why do I fear this?.

~How can I think differently about this that will better serve me today?.~What am I most uncertain about today?.~Why am I uncertain about this?.~What benefit do or did I get from thinking this way?.

~Do I need to continue thinking this way?.~What can I learn from this?.~What is a better way of looking at this?.Asking questions of yourself may not be easy at first, as your mind is not accustomed to thinking in this fashion. But with diligence, you will learn to allow your thinking to open up revealing much more about yourself than you were previously aware of, but it's there.Also useful method to help to reveal your inner thoughts is to meditate on it.

Meditation helps to calm and quiet the surface chatter that keeps you distracted and separated from your inner thoughts, allowing for their rediscovery.Another beneficial self-improvement activity is to clarify, establish and define a solid foundation for yourself. Just as a tall building cannot be stable without a strong foundation, neither can a successful life. You can solidify your place in the universe, discover your purpose, align with intention, and establish a vision and a personal mission. You can clarify your core values, your potential, your strengths and how you will support your purpose.

With establishing a solid foundation for yourself you will elevate your self-concept, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-motivation --it's how to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. You will be able to grow and change without excessive fear, doubt and worry.Continuous self-improvement with a positive attitude leads to happiness, positive thinking and unlimited possibility.

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By: John Halderman

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