Where to Find the Best Plus Size Clothes

If you're a curvy woman, chances are that you're disappointed by the offerings at your local retailers. The plus size section is small, hard to find, and full of boxy, unflattering clothes. Things are getting better, but it can still be pretty hard to find an outfit that makes you look great. There are many specialty retailers who are now offering plus size clothing that both fits and flatters. Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug Plus, Torrid, and many other stores offer you a place to start looking for the clothing you want.

They stock a variety of styles and types of clothing so that you can find something that appeals to women of any age group. Unfortunately, many plus size women live in areas where not even one plus size store is available. That's where the Internet comes in. Now those who are unable to go to a brick and mortar plus size store have many online options available to them. Most of the specialty retailers maintain websites, too. There are also a few plus size boutiques that run entirely online.

The big advantage of shopping on the Internet for our clothes is that we can look at everything that's available. The only limitations are budget and shipping time. The downside is that it's not possible to try anything on before you buy, so you have to be particularly sure about a garment. Returns can be tricky when ordering things online, so check each store's policy. When purchasing plus size clothing online, there are often many tools available through the retailers that can help you find the best fit possible.

Charts are usually available to convert different types of sizes into specific measurements, and some online retailers offer computerized models that can help you find what will fit your shape the best. Additionally, you can often find information about how different brands of clothing have fit others, such as if the brand tends to run smaller or larger. Specific information on how to take your own measurements is often available, assuring you will receive clothing that fits well. It's a fact that the style and fit of clothing differs from one store to another. So if you aren't finding clothing that is well suited to you, as well as becoming, see what merchandise other stores carry. In addition to physical retail locations, remember to consider specialty plus size Internet boutiques.

With both of these options open to you, you've got a great chance to build a wardrobe where every piece both fits and flatters. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to find great outfits, both for formal occasions and casual daily outfits.

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