Who Are You Really

If I asked you who you are I'd probably get your name and maybe something about your appearance or your life as a reply. Most people identify themselves by a certain name in a particular body, who is married to so-in-so, has these particular kids or particular parents, lives in a certain house, in a particular neighborhood, works in a particular job, has certain friends, and that's who they are. It's as if they're neatly tucked into a certain "box" of existence and are destined to live a certain way, in a certain place, with certain people, doing certain things, and that's the perception of their identity. Most people believe they are at least three dimensional beings, but see themselves as a neat little "package," defined in the physical realm. What a limiting experience this life is.

Our life exists in the earthly dimension, but you are so much more than just a body. You are really a spirit come to earth to experience this life so that you can expand and evolve past your present state as you reach out and touch other lives in loving service. That is the true nature of our human beingness - a spiritual being enjoying a human experience. Most people believe they have a "soul" or "spirit" inside of them, but do not realize the importance of honoring their spirit. They view themselves as only a human being with a spirit.So you must first understand this concept if you're ever going to move past the limitations you have put in your life.

You've tucked yourself neatly into a comfortable "box" with all the sides secure around you, as you snuggle inside. Feels good, safe as a bug in a rug, right? You might open the lid from time to time and even venture out, but most often come right back to your "safe" environment and settle into that comfort zone.Well guess what, that's a dormant lifestyle.

You can't expand and grow into who you are really meant to be if you're only reality is based in the physical realm, in that comfortable space you've created for yourself. Of course it is necessary to be in the physical form in order to grow and reach higher spiritual awareness while you learn the lessons of life. It is good to experience the wonderful things you deserve.

But so often a person stops right there, and as their life progresses through the years they might question what it's all about. They've never expanded out of their neatly created "box.".People are busy, busy, busy, and as one is busy there's little time to listen to one's spirit.

They're busy accumulating things and people - education, money, life partners, children, friends, businesses, careers, success and so on, and then don't have time to reflect on their inner beingness. Don't get me wrong, it's great to be busy and productive, but often the busyness is merely that of collecting external "feel goods." The real person gets lost in all this busyness - the Great American Cover up actually, and life just streaks by without fulfillment, happiness or purpose.

Everyone in this world desires happiness. Generally speaking though, we base our happiness on the temporary gratification of external pleasures, whether it is people or things. It's so easy to get caught up in this belief pattern, and the problem is that people and things don't ever bring real, genuine happiness. After all, things can break, get old or tarnish, relationships can change form, businesses and careers can fall apart. If your happiness is based on these you'll become very unhappy with your life, harboring many negative feelings like anger, bitterness, and resentment - all part of fear.So how does one become genuinely happy? Happiness comes from within you, and only you can create happiness in your life.

It always involves listening and expanding your true inner self - your spirit, and it begins with gratitude for who you already are at this present moment. How does one accomplish this feat? By reaching outside of your comfort zone "box" and doing the impossible. Remember the song entitled "The Impossible Dream?" Realize there is no impossible dream. All you need do is stretch past your own limitations and begin living that "impossible dream.

" And by the way, dream BIG!.Stretching past your limitations can involve many different steps. One step is to break down your biggest barrier - fear. Fear is an illusion, a product of your imagination, but affects the reality of your life.

The way to break the fear cycle is to feel it first, acknowledge its existence, and then take the steps that hurdle you right through that barrier. Once you begin the step-wise process, your fear diminishes and will probably dissipate. Let's talk about public speaking, a top fear people experience, often touted as the number one fear even over death. Standing on a stage and speaking to a group of people can definitely manifest fear into physical form. I didn't think I could ever become a speaker; it petrified me.

So I decided to take a public speaking course which resulted in a new career of speaking. You might say, "Why do this? Why not do something else that doesn't 'scare' you?" The answer is simple - I listened to that wee little voice inside me, my spirit, that kept saying "You need to do this and help people by sharing your gifts and insights. Go ahead, you can do it." And you know what, as I continued to experience audiences, it became easier and easier to speak without fear. You see, I took steps totally out of my comfort zone by listening to my inner guidance, and the rewards can't be measured by anything on this earth.

There's a peace and freedom knowing you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing at this time in your life, and as you take those steps in faith you'll be blessed beyond what you can imagine.So this brings me to your life purpose, the very thing that can bring you genuine happiness. Each of you have a reason for being here on this planet. You came into this world with a unique gift(s) that is only yours, and it's your responsibility to share it with the world.

This creates a deep passion inside you that will ultimately bring you the happiness that you not only crave, but also deserve to experience. Your purpose propels you out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face as you excitedly begin your day. You don't feel that way each day? More than likely your life is not on purpose.

Realize too that your purpose can change. We are constantly expanding if we stretch past our perceived limitations, so our purpose can take on a new direction at any time. This happens particularly if we're in alignment with our divine plan.

Maybe you're asking yourself how in the world can you find your life purpose? There is a written exercise that can enable a person to discover their life purpose as they allow their spirit to come through to guide their answers on that paper. Or perhaps when you look back through your life's "story" you'll see the gift in the experiences that by growing through them can give strength and hope to others.As we expand our lives and allow growth of our spirit without the previous limitations, we open up spaces that need to be filled. So often we fill these spaces with external pleasures that provide only temporary gratification. Instead, we should fill those spaces with our purpose, which involves serving others with a loving heart. When we do this we experience a life of freedom and happiness that exceeds our expectations.

It empowers us to be more than we are and stretch past our boundaries to be who we really are supposed to be. This process of life never ends because to really live means to be continually growing. You came into this world as a spirit and will leave this planet as a spirit; all acquired externals will be left behind. So will the real You stand up and move out of your comfortable "box" to stand in Your own truth and power, and in faith go forward to move mountains! I would love to meet this You! See the possible, for it is there, right beyond what you think is impossible.Carolyn Porter is the editor of ww.

drcarolynporter.com and the author of multiple books, e-books, and articles. She presents seminars, trainings and keynotes. Her books include "A Woman's Path to Wholeness," "The Realness of a Woman," and "Healing with Color.".

For information and available products: www.drcarolynporter.com.

.Carolyn Porter, D. Div.

, is an Inspirational Speaker, Author of multiple books and audios, Trainer, Spirtaul Wholeness Coach adn Energy Facilitator. Her passion is to help indivduals move beyond their limiting beliefs and create more in their life as they truly deserve.

By: Carolyn Porter

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