You Know Im Gonna Get Ya

It has got to be difficult to surrender. If both sides are tired, it can be liberating. If one side is arrogant, it can be a massacre of the losers. It's also liberating when one can now direct all the energy of war, whether literally or mental in to more positive and productive present moment endeavors.Surrendering is often not so much an admission of defeat as it is that something that is being done, or thought, or resisted, doesn't work, or perhaps is no longer worth the toll in lost money, energy or lives.

If something doesn't work, then why do we so often insist on making the unworkable work? Why do we keep shoving that square peg into that round hole only to have the corners sheered off and having admit it still doesn't look right and leaves doesn't fit?.I know of an old home in farm country that must be 125 years old. Rotten to the core and unfixable to live in, but the owner did put a new roof on it.

It won't work. It was a waste of money and the place will fall down in it's disrepair and non use soon. The rubble pile will be covered by a very nice new roof, so I suppose the rubble pile won't rot so quickly.

It would have been cheaper and more practical to just surrender to the fact that the place has outlived it's ability to safely hold itself up and reclaim the property minus the home. Surrender to the idea it can be saved or that anyone would want to live in it again.When we surrender to what is, we get out of the past and give up thinking, thinking that if we think this through enough, we can make it work. I'm not speaking of things that still have the potential to change for the better with planning, but rather those things that truly are over and we so often find it difficult or impossible to admit. I can think of a few of those topics myself.If you have ever watched a tractor pull, you'll know how life works.

A powerful tractor wants to pull a weighted sled as far as it can and further than all to win. The problem is, and it is a nice metaphor for life, the sled they pull has a cement weight that slides forward on the sled towards the tractor in such a a way as to put more and more weight on the rear traction wheels of the tractor. It is hopeless to think one can pull forever against the sled.

Most sleds come with the words, "You know I am going to get you" like death itself stalking, and in time, it slides so far forward that no tractor can pull that weight and bogs down. That's where they measure how far it got. Some get a lot or a bit further than others and the one who gets the furtherst "wins." But in fact, the sled always wins. "You know I"m going to get you," is always true and so is life.

The guy that insists in spinning his wheels long after it has bogged down for the final time succeeds only in destroying the transmission and precluding himself from any further competitions until repairs are made. So it pays to know when to mechanically surrender.Life is like a conveyor belt.

Some make a run to get on the beginning of the conveyor, but don't even get that far. They never even get started. Some get on and fall off the side immediately.

Others make it a few years having a bumpy ride and then fall off, while others ride it quite well and for a very long time. Some drop off halfway along, some get three quarters down the belt and laughing and cheering, or too tired to think, those who made it all the way, drop off the end. That's how it works! We need to surrender to this reality, no matter how long we get to ride the conveyor. Perhaps we dumped in a box at the end, get to rest a bit and then, guess what, another conveyor belt to give a go to! I suppose that would be Reinbeltation of some kind:) But we do have to surrender to the process and no one is asking us how to make it not be so at this point.

I know there are stay on the conveyor pills for sale, but I have my doubts.There are several things in my own life I have had to surrender to.When I was a kid, I saw a lot of human defects while visiting my brother in the hospital. He had some biggies and I felt that somehow I had to save him and those like him. I could have been a doctor to help his eyes, or ears or speaking or thinking, but I didn't, and even if I had, no one else replaced me to fix him.

I felt that since the Bible said in "the Kingdom" the deaf will hear, the blind will see, the lame will leap as a hart," etc, I'd save the world by being a minister and for awhile I did encourage in that area. But years went on and I had to surrender to the false idea that everyone was sincere, knew what they were talking about and had the membership's best interest in mind. I had to surrender my naivete' and it's fine.We surrender our youth, our idealism, our ideas of how things really are.

We surrender our beliefs that don't really work and adopt new ones that sometimes don't work either and we surrender them. We surrender family members to time, wear and tear, and then we find we have to surrender ourselves to the same.Being consciously alive and present in this moment is one of the most amazing things one can ever experience. Actually is the only thing one can experience since no one yet has been able to relive the past or project into the non existent future.

We can mull the past over in fear and anger in our heads, in the present and ruin the present, and we can project our present into the future in our minds and give ourselves a case of the anxiety fits, in the present, but it is all a stupid way to live and think Every past is now that is gone and every future is a now not yet here and when it arrives , it won't be a future now, but the present.again. Everyone who ever lived in the past, lived in the present now of their lives.

No one lives really in the past, it was their present for them too.So learn to graciously surrender to what is and what always is no matter how hard we kick and rail against it. It's just life, wonderful at times and messy at others.

Doing what it does as we live it the best we can and learn that which can serve us well on the journey.

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By: Dennis Diehl

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