UFOs Fact or Fiction - In today?s modern thought, one subject that is compelling and with no shortage of theories and mention is that of the UFO.

How Do I Say Goodbye to Someone I Love -  The Questions .

After The First Date - The time after the first date can be a very emotional experience.

Anxiety Negative Self Talk - Anxiety is a response which is innate in every healthy human being.

What is Esoterism - Esoterism is not a philosophy but a method of research and a way of life.

Abandoned Businesses and Small Town Advantage Programs - Many small towns in America have been devastated economically due to shifting resources and closing factories.

Real Success the Ins and the Outs - Where are you in your life? Do you view your life as successful? As a Wholeness Coach I see very few people who feel successful, and because of that feeling of lack within them life isn?t happening for them as they really desire.

Romancing The Friends - You have been dating for a couple of months and believe he may be the one.

Spend for Success - It?s a typical Friday afternoon and you just got home from that part-time job and you?ve got that paycheck of a few hundred bucks in your pocket just waiting to be spent.

Relationship Know Your Partners Values Beforehand - We acquire our values from different sources.

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