Creating Our Reality - Imagine that you have just put on a pair of blue-tinted sunglasses.

Creating Your Own Spring Break Without Traveling Anywhere - Remember Spring Break as a kid? Maybe you traveled somewhere fun, or maybe you visited family, or maybe you stayed home and played.

How To Make A Relationship Last - For a relationship to last, there are few basic requirements.

Republics and Efficiencies With a Little Philosophy and Observation - A Republic pushes the individual up and uses the maximum talents of the individual releasing that individual from tasks, which are irrelevant to their abilities for more efficiency elsewhere in the society.

The Awful Truth About Television Fake News and Other Reasons Not to Watch TV News - DO touch that dial to avoid fake news.

Things to Consider Before Beginning a New Romantic Relationship - Beginning a new romantic relationship can add excitement to your life; the kind of thrill you get when you put your nose in the center of a freshly cut rose, taking in the wonderful aroma.

How To Prioritize Your Work - Regardless of whether you are a student, work at home mom, a web designer, or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, prioritizing your work is critical to your success.

Our Beautiful Gates - "Then Peter said, `Gold I do not have, but what I have I give you.

Abatement When Compulsory Often Saves Property - During the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season we saw a late storm; Hurricane Wilma; the governor of the great state of Florida Jeb Bush told citizens in the region where the hurricane would hit that mandatory evacuation was necessary.

A Rainbow Reminder Series Article God Revealed My Real Name Rascal - My "Real" name is "Rascal" .

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