Are You Frustrated Because You Have Been Stuck Here Is How To Get Moving - Because we are human beings, from time to time we will get "stuck.

Pure Capitalism Only Works in a Purely Ethical World - Some people believe that pure capitalism can only work in a purely ethical world.

Sidestepping a Bad Day through Distraction - When life becomes a bit too much to handle and I?m in need of some time out I use a simple technique, that of distraction; and for me at least, this works a treat.

Searching For Answers From God - Maybe we have to learn to ask our questions differently if we expect to get a response from God.

Accomplish Amazing Things By Increasing Your Expectations - A ran into a woman I grew up with and quickly, we caught up on old times.

Relics From The Bounty Where Are They - Several times a week on television, ordinary people with extraordinary treasures parade before us on the popular "Antique Road Show.

A Positive Attitude - TABLE OF CONTENTS .

Rejection Fear and Dating - Life Coach Advice.

A Bird Flu Pandemic The Coming Disaster - The flu; to many people, the flu is just a fever and chills they get in the winter, with maybe an upset stomach thrown in for good measure.

Fact Israel is Occupying Stealing Land and Committing International Crime - A rather interesting thing to read on a very popular political Blog is it not? But this is exactly what is happening as sympathizers and mislead do-gooders promote Palestinians and their plight.

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